Intercultural & Leadership Training

Do you have the awareness, cultural sensitivity, knowledge and skills required for effective international management or a successful expat assignment?

Jessica has designed and conducted customized intercultural training and workshops for:

  • Business Schools (Yale School of Management and The Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University)
  • Professionals of all levels working in international teams
  • Professionals challenged with an international client base
  • Individuals and families preparing to move abroad
  • HR professionals

These programs include the opportunity to take the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) and receive personalized feedback including constructive ideas for development. Workshops also include an introduction to intercultural theory, interactive exercises, role-plays and case study video. an introduction to intercultural theories, interactive exercises, role-plays, and “A World of Difference” case study video.

How Can Intercultural Training Help Professionals Become More Successful and Productive?

Working internationally demands special skills to ensure success. Professionals of all levels often underperform when working with people from different cultural backgrounds who do not share the same values and working practices. This challenge is even more complex in multicultural teams where managers need to build relationships and obtain buy-in.

Jessica’s training illustrates how people from different cultures have differing approaches and attitudes to time, planning, communication style, team leadership, trust and relationship building. Participants build awareness and recognition of the challenges of working with people from different cultures, sensitivity towards how national cultures differ, and develop their skills in working effectively with an internationally diverse team or client base.

On a personal level, individuals who take the IRC discover intercultural competencies they can develop to improve their own intercultural effectiveness. Their personal “blind spot” (see “Johari Window“) may be uncovered and Jessica offers specific, constructive and personal feedback to support their growth and personal development.

“Build Your Cultural Intelligence”
A World of Difference Case Study Workshop

This workshop is for organizations whose business depends on high-quality international project teams and relationships, and aim to support staff working with an internationally diverse team or client base to maximize their effectiveness.

The program focuses on a video dramatization of an international team, brought together to launch a new product. Using this case study as an example, participants work on interactive exercises and conduct role-plays which illustrate the complex challenges that individuals and teams face when working with people from different countries. They are prompted to consider their own communication and work styles and how they could be adjusted.

The agenda is two days long (12 hours total), and includes:

  • Individual assessment of four vital intercultural competencies (Intercultural Sensitivity, Intercultural Communication, Building Committment and Managing Uncertainty) and personalized feedback including concrete suggestions and tips for personal growth and development
  • An introduction to intercultural theories (key differences in basic beliefs and values which affect working styles as defined by Hall, Hofstede, Triandis, Ting-Toomey, Trompenaars)
  • How misunderstandings can occur in a cross-cultural environment
  • How conflicting assumptions about communication style, feedback, task and relationship handling, if unmanaged, can lead to poor results
  • The essential international skills needed to work successfully and manage effective teamwork across cultures
  • Issues of building trust, teamwork, people management and remote communication in a multicultural context

Benefits and Results

  • Raise awareness in regards to one’s “blind spot” directly inhibiting one’s own intercultural effectiveness, and receive feedback to develop these areas
  • Signicant improvement in the following areas: communication skills (email writing, verbal, and non-verbal), attitude towards diversity, overall collaboration and teamwork
  • Clearly illustrates how people from other cultures can have differing approaches and attitudes to basic business variables
  • Develop practical skills and attitudes required to work with diversity, rather than against them, in the pursuit of an organization’s international goals

Jessica has also designed a condensed, full-day program for organizations less interested in theory and teambuilding, with a focus on developing cross-cultural competency skills.


If you would like to discuss your training needs please call Jessica at +31 65 430 3369, or email to schedule an appointment. There is no charge for this first discussion.