How Does Coaching Work?

 “Coaches help clients plan ways to get to their future vision,
with a high probability of success”

Frederic M. Hudson, Ph.D.

Coaching is about change, action and results. Many clients seek coaching because they are struggling with a big decision or considering a new path in life. Others have a goal and need guidance. It can be a personal or professional goal- often it is a combination.

The goal I share with each client is that he or she will achieve his/her own personal success. Each client’s definition of success is different, so the client determines what area to focus on.

Together, we:

  1. Explore the challenge or issue the client is facing and his/her desired outcome.
  2. If appropriate, I invite the client to take the Hogan assessment, Behavior Pattern assessment and/or the IRC assessment.
    1. Personal strengths, development areas and potential blind spots (see ”Johari Window“) are discovered.
    2. We discuss results, learnings and actions the client would like to take to successfully reach his or her objective.
    3. We monitor and measure the client’s development in these areas every time we meet until the client is satisfied with their growth in these areas.
  3. Possible scenarios are developed and considered.
  4. I ask the client questions to help him or her determine what he or she wants- or needs- to work on, plan the “journey forward”, and actions the client will take to reach the goal.
  5. We meet regularly to review the client’s progress and consider new developments that happen along the way.
  6. When applicable, we role-play conversations the client is preparing for, needed to achieve his or her goal.
  7. If the client is searching for a job, coaching is focused on making a strong, positive impression during every step of the recruitment process (building a network, applications, interviews and negotiations). Beyond career coaching, I offer the following services:
    1. CV/resume development
    2. Application/cover letter review
    3. Practice interviews (competency and case-based) with constructive feedback and coaching towards improvement
    4. Coaching to develop one’s network (relationship building and leveraging online networking tools) and build networking skills
    5. Coaching to improve and negotiate terms of the offer

Some issues I have successfully coached clients thru are: 

- Working more effectively in a multicultural environment
- Delivering positive results thru teams and individuals
- Identifying what needs to change to enjoy life again, and making that change happen
- Improving team cohesiveness and performance
- Achieving a healthy work-life balance
- Identifying career paths closely aligned with the client’s interests and strengths, and taking action to successfully make a career change
- Making a strong, positive impression during every step of the recruitment process (building a network, applications, interviews and negotiations)
- Preparing for a move abroad and successful assimilation

In addition to face-to-face meetings, I coach by telephone and Skype. This facilitates my ability to work with people living all over the world.

Coaching is an intensive process that pushes the client to think critically and take action. The time it takes to complete the journey very much depends on the individual client. A typical engagement is to meet for 60-90 minutes every other week, for three to six months.

Would you like to discuss your situation with me, and how we could work together? Please call or email to schedule an appointment. There is no charge for this first discussion. 

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